Space Tunnel Launch technology. the next generation of space travel

New technology that greatly reduces the force of gravity and the effect of the magnetosphere, and shields from the friction of the atmosphere.

Investors needed for patenting and development.

this is a Tested and and verified breakthrough technology.

First in the world discovery.

will consider leasing or selling the technology and assisting in the design and development.

Whomever gets this technology will be 20+ years ahead of all the other space programs in the world.

50 million dollars, and or royalties will get your space program leaps ahead of all the space race competition.

Three Space Propulsion breakthrough new Technologies

Three Revolutionary Space propulsion & mobility technologies that can be adapted to Space crafts and orbiting artificial satellites, using:

(1) Electromagnetic Plasma Propulsion, 

(2) Kinetic Electrostatic Drive, 

(3) Vacuum Tunneling (Plasma Tunneling) breakthrough (SVPT) technology, 

these brand new concept technologies eliminate (or greatly reduce) the need to carry combustion fuels on board of space vehicles and satellites, thus giving them a much longer life span and reach, by overcoming the problem of limited fuel source to fuel propulsion. 

Space Vacuum (Plasma) Tunneling Technology. 

 New space launching technology for launching space vehicles and satellites into outer orbits and out of the atmosphere, by greatly reducing the need for multi stage fuel propulsion to escape Earth’s atmosphere and gravity.

Detail of these technologies is not being explained in detail, because the patenting process is not complete.

Asteroid Directional Deflection Technology

The Space Vacuum (Plasma) Tunneling (SVPT)Technology can be adapted for deflecting and or changing the pass of Meteors, Asteroids and Comets that are on a collision course with Earth.

Asteroid Mining for Resources, Rare Minerals and Water.

Our SVPT Technology can be used to land on / take off and navigate Asteroids for the purposes of mining their resources.

details are not public due to patent pending processes

Kessler Effect

Kessler dilemma , space debris

Space satellite debris in orbit of Earth is a Major problem for space travel and space age progress.

Also this vacuum tunneling technology can be adapted and used as a tractor beam to pull in or blow outward orbiting space debris.

This technology can also be adapted and used as a tractor beam to vacuum in, or to blow out of orbit and into outer space, all the satellite debris stuck on Earth’s orbit.

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